Wilcox Family Farms Egg Donation Helps Families Struggling with Food Insecurity

Apr 1, 2012 | News, Press Releases

Wilcox Farms donated 54,000 eggs to the Yelm Community Services this week to help families struggling with food insecurity.

The donation was part of a national effort organized around the Easter holiday by the United Egg Producers.

“Wilcox Farms is a 102 year old family farm, and we are proud to be partnering with the Yelm Community Services to provide eggs to families in need, especially during the Easter holiday season,” Brent Wilcox said in a news release.

“We provide donated Wilcox eggs to the Yelm Senior Center, the Rainier Senior Center, and the Nisqually Elders Center, who have been our partners for many years,” said Cindy Marchand-Cecil of Yelm Community Services. “Our hats are off to everyone at Wilcox Farms, who has regularly contributed to Yelm Community Services since 1989. They are, by far, the single largest source of food to this agency’s food bank over time.”