Wilcox Farms Radio Spots

Click on the play buttons below to stream our radio spots featuring Brent Wilcox and his daughter. Holiday Version 1 Holiday Version 2 Hardboiled Eggs Version 1 Hardboiled Eggs Version 2

Wilcox Farms Donates Eggs to Feed Local Communities

Rhode Island Red chickens roam pastures at Wilcox Family Farms in Roy laying thousands and thousands of fresh eggs every single day. “They don’t take breaks. They lay holidays and weekends and the whole thing,” said the company’s president, Brent Wilcox. At Wilcox...

Barrie, Susan Wilcox offer a humble example of fine character

Barrie and Susan Wilcox, from Wilcox Farms located at Harts Lake, are profiled in the story. Barrie had invited me to tour his family farm, and I took him up on his offer this week. I met Barrie at the entrance to his home. The farm is situated on 1,600 acres along...