Responsible Farming

Sustainable farming is responsible farming. We’re committed to taking care of our land because we want it to be around for the next 100 years.  

Chemical and Pesticide-Free

Being located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest means we have a responsibility to use our land conscientiously. Using pesticides and chemicals can lead to runoff into local rivers, which harms the wild salmon and surrounding farmland.

We’ve used organic farming and sustainable farming methods to maintain our land and chickens since 1909. Because we think the only way to farm is to farm responsibly, our hens eat a lush mixture of chemical- and pesticide-free feed.

Locally Sourced Materials

We are dedicated to sourcing locally wherever possible to minimize our carbon footprint and support our community’s other businesses.

Happy, healthy hens start with locally-grown, nutritionally-dense feed. Our hens dine on a blend of organic winter red wheat, spring wheat, peas and hay grown by us or regional partner farms.

Salmon Safe Certified

The Nisqually River runs along 1,500 acres of Wilcox Family Farms. Each year salmon travel up the Nisqually River to spawn, and they need a consistent salmon-safe environment to thrive.

Our salmon-safe practices keep the Nisqually River and salmon environmentally safe at all times. We follow strict water reclamation and conservation guidelines. We’re also a proud participant in Stewardship Partners, helping to protect important river, forest and other nearby habitats. Additionally, we’ve maintained a close working bond with the Nisqually Tribe for the past 50 years to maintain a naturally clean salmon habitat.

As a result, each year salmon enjoy a natural and beautiful spawning habitat. The Salmon-Safe certification is our continued commitment to keeping salmon, consumers and the environment safe and healthy.

Visit salmonsafe.org Visit stewardpartners.org

Committed to the Community

We are active members of the following community organizations:

Lions Club of Yelm: Chartered in 1939, The Yelm Lions Club is part of a global network of 1.4 million members and 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. From sponsoring the local boy scout troop to recycling eyeglasses for citizens of developing countries, the Yelm Lions Club has a proud history of supporting local, national and international causes through community service projects.

Yelm Real Estate and Business Network: A private, unincorporated non-profit real estate trade group, The Yelm Real Estate and Business Network provides members a forum for publicizing real estate and business needs and discussing community projects.

Yelm and Tacoma Chambers of Commerce: As members of both the Yelm and Tacoma Chambers of Commerce, we strive to make our community a better place to live and work through advocacy for local and small businesses.

Salvation Army: Through donation, we support the Salvation Army’s longstanding legacy of work in social justice, emergency response and assistance for the underserved.

Local Community Parades: Don’t worry, we don’t throw eggs from our flloats! We have a bundle of fun participating in parades – and cheering on others, too.

Adopt-a-Road Program: Our employees help preserve our local habitat by adopting a 2-mile stretch of Pierce County road. We are proud to help our neighborhood be a safer and cleaner environment for all residents.