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Offering Shell, Pastuerized Liquid and Hard Boiled eggs. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality food service egg products.

Hardboiled Eggs

Wilcox Hard Boiled Eggs make a great addition to any menu. From devilled appetizers to salad stars to entree garnishes, our fresh and easy hard-cooked eggs delight customers and kitchen staff alike. Delicately boiled and blanched, Wilcox Hard Boiled eggs boast bright, creamy yolks encased in snappy, firm whites. Make prep a breeze with our conveniently-packed quality eggs.

hard cooked eggs

Whole Liquid Eggs

Simplify prep and take hold of portion control with ready-to-use Wilcox Family Farms Liquid Eggs. Our liquid egg mixtures yield succulent baked goods and fluffy scrambles, all while minimizing your kitchen’s waste. We offer cage-free and organic pasteurized liquid eggs in easy-to-store containers so you can deliver delicacies to patrons quickly and consistently. Delight your customers – and your cooks – with Wilcox Family Farms’ locally-made Liquid Eggs.

hard cooked eggs

Shell Eggs

Wilcox’s signature farm-fresh shell eggs are a scrumptious and nutritious kitchen staple. Give your customers a taste of Washington’s countryside by using our quality shell eggs in your dishes. Our cage-free and organic eggs are naturally delicious and Humane Farm Animal Care Certified. Support happy hens and local business by sourcing your shell eggs from Wilcox Family Farms.

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Quality Assurance

Wilcox Family Farms is committed to providing the highest quality egg products to our community. That means we put our eggs to the test from production to processing. As the only egg farm in the United States that is Food Alliance certified, we are committed to sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, supply chain transparency and providing the best home for our hens. Our eggs are approved by the USDA and our Liquid Egg products are cleared by WSU Avian Food Labs. Our processing plants are also British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified. BRC standards for consumer products are the global benchmark for product safety and legality.

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All of our products are certified by the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Learn more here.