Ask Hartley

Ask Hartley

Hi, I’m Hartley Wilcox. I spend my summers working here at our family farm. My favorite job is working with our guard dogs. We are always getting questions about how we do things here on the farm. Let’s take a look at some questions we have gotten recently.


Q. How do we train our dogs to protect our hens?

A. We get our dogs from a breeder in Montana. There they spend the first 18 weeks of their lives living with chickens. These dogs have a natural herding instinct and love protecting their hen sisters from predators.

    Wilcox Farm Dogs

    Omega 3

    Q. How do Wilcox Farms Eggs get higher levels of Omega 3?

    A. We feed our hens a special diet of flax seed and other nutritional grains that raise the levels of Omega 3 in the egg.

      Hens diet

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