The Self-Taught Chef

Mar 5, 2011 | Featured Chefs, News

Chef Hoa Tran is a self-taught chef. He’s also the Kitchen Manager for the Blue Water Café and Pub. He’s been preparing Seattle’s best egg dishes for over 27 years. He enjoys preparing meals using cage-free eggs for his customers. Chef Tran and his elite cooking staff use cage-free eggs for all of their 50 egg dishes. Most dishes are made using fresh and house made ingredients.

These include the eye-popping Top Gun Scramble, omelets and fresh salads. Chef Tran is known for Blue Star’s unique homemade menu items and multiple menu options. Here’s what one of Seattle’s top chef’s says about our liquid egg products.

“Their liquid eggs aren’t watery like other eggs. They have good color and more of a natural and wild flavor. They taste the same as their whole eggs.”