Good Egg Project Community Breakfast

Oct 14, 2011 | News

Breakfast Meeting

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wilcox Family Farms had the opportunity to participate in a Good Egg Project Community Breakfast with our friends from the American Egg Board, fellow Northwest Egg Farmers, and Chef Jeffery Saad. More than 700 people in need were provided a hearty, egg-filled, breakfast here in Seattle. In addition, 60,000 eggs were donated to Food Lifeline and Second Harvest by Northwest Egg Farmers! We are proud to have helped continue the fight against hunger by donating 10,800 farm fresh Wilcox eggs.

Community Breakfast Feeds Nearly 800 Hungry People

Nearly 800 hungry people in the Seattle area received a free meal at our Community Egg Breakfast supported by Northwest Egg Farmers. Guests were joined by members of the Seattle Police Department’s Community Outreach Section, whose officers took to the streets to personally deliver those individuals (more than 150) who were in need of a hot meal but without adequate transportation.

“Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with the community that we serve,” said Officer A.B. Chapackdee, with the Seattle Police Department’s Community Outreach Section. “An event like this definitely captures the essence of what we’re about.”

One in seven households in Washington couldn’t afford enough food last year which is why Northwest Egg Farmers also donated 60,000 eggs to Food Lifeline to distribute to the more than 686,000 hungry people the organization serves each year. The need among food banks continues to grow, especially for high-quality protein foods, like eggs, which help build muscle and allow people to feel full longer and stay energized.

The donation and breakfast were part of Hunger Action Month, and the Good Egg Project, an initiative by America’s egg farmers to educate people about where eggs come from and to encourage Americans to help fight hunger in the United States.